About us

Crumlin Upholstery was established by Jim Farrell in 1988. We are a family run Irish business that has reupholstered and refurbished furniture for almost 25 years.  As a family-run business, Crumlin Upholstery prides itself on delivering quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service and establishing customer relationships based on trust and reliability.

Our work covers all aspects of upholstery including residential, commercial and mobile home furnishings as well as promotional pieces. Jobs range from one-off jobs recovering domestic furniture such as your couch, armchair, dining room chairs, bar stools or antiques to licensed pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as TV studio work.

This could include new padding, springs, shape alteration and fabric or leather covers for your sofa or it could be as simple as recovering your couch cushions or dining room chairs.

Whether it is an old family heir loom or a well worn comfortable couch we can provide your furniture with a new life.

Whatever your requirements we are happy to provide a free no obligation quotation.

Our custom furniture and furnishing have been featured on TV3’s The Apprentice, TG4 Sports Studio, Fair City and in many restaurants and hotels around Ireland.